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Erika M. Calderon

7th grade ELA


Room #20

(956)473-7700 office


Teacher introduction 

The main goal in every one of the courses I teach is to create an environment that fosters independence and cooperative learning. It is important to me that students have a place where they feel comfortable and safe. A place where everyone can share his or her opinion. A place where respect is prevalent: respect for self, each other and the classroom. A place where students gain the knowledge and learn the skills they need to succeed in school and beyond. Ultimately, a place where students yearn to become lifelong readers and skilled writers.

Course description

There are a wide range of broad concepts and themes that students are expected to learn in middle school language arts and English class. One of the best ways to meet middle school language arts and communication academic goals and standards is through authentic experiences. The 7th grade language arts course is designed to provide students with opportunities to select their own reading material, while applying reading and writing skills to authentic and real world experiences.   


2 Composition Books (100 Sheets)

# 2 pencils


post it notes


Grades will be given at the end of the six weeks according to school policy.  Progress reports will be issued during the third week of the six weeks. Students will be graded different ways:  daily grades and tests. Percentages are as follow:

Daily Grades (Class work): 50%

Tests: 50%


Class Assignments/Homework:

It is the student’s responsibility to ask for, to complete and to turn in work for excused absences. All students are required to participate with choral reading, writing assignments, reading assignments, and group projects.


Classroom Procedures:

Enter the classroom: Quietly, walk to your assigned seat, and start on classwork.

Restroom: Permission may be obtained during student work time to go to the restroom (not during instruction or the first/last 15 minutes of class).


Dress Code: Must follow school policy.


Technology: Must follow school policy.


Follow Instructions: Listen to directions, read assignments, and ask questions.


Teacher dismisses students: You will be dismissed by the teacher, not the bell. Wait silently to be dismissed.


Classroom Rules:

1.  Computers will only be used when directed by the teacher. Students that do not abide will face consequences and may lose computer privileges. Parent notifications will be made.

2. Food or Drinks are NOT allowed in the classroom.

3.File Swapping, downloading any type of file, and playing music/videos on the computers is prohibited.

4. Students are not allowed to change any computer settings (Student computers are always monitored by teacher).

5. Playing games will NOT be tolerated at any time in class.


Classroom Expectations:

Be Respectful: Use appropriate language.  Be respectful and wait for your turn.

Be Orderly:  Follow directions.  Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

Be Accountable:  Be ready to learn.  Always have required materials.

Be Responsible:  Be on time. Complete all assignments.


Positive Behavior Supports:

1- Verbal and written praise

2- Positive call, note, e-mail to parent or legal guardian

3- Participation in school wide events (extracurricular activities, pep rallies, dances)


Behavior Interventions:

1- Reteach Expectations & Procedures

2- Teacher/ Student Conference

3- Parent/Guardian Conference

4- Withdrawal of Privileges

5- Discipline Referral to Administration

6- Severe Clause: Refer immediately to administration