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2019-2020 ◈ Mrs. Diaz DeLeon  MLC Unit


Class Materials

◈Pencils (mistakes are made in math, please no pens)

◈Loose-leaf notebook paper in binder or notebook with tearable paper

◈Any classwork handout



- You are expected to get any

assignments/notes you missed during any absence.

- It is extremely important to not miss class unless you have to. Being in class every day

ensures you don’t fall behind!



The best way to make sure you keep a good grade is to make sure you are:

1. In class every day

2. Participating

3. Following the rules and expectations

4. Trying your best!


Rules & Expectations

1.Be Safe, Kind & Honest.

2.Respect others, respect yourself, & Respect the school.

3.Raise your hand before you speak or leave your seat.

4.Keep hands, feet, & other objects to yourself.

Follow directions the first time given